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All coffee – $14 for 12 oz craft bags

Brazil – This coffee is a very well balanced coffee with a good mixture of smooth sweetness partnered with a subtle tartness and a fruity acidity (the brightness of the flavor). Our Brazilian coffee has a very clean & crisp taste with a full body and hints of chocolate!

Chai Tea – Our instant chai tea mix is a wonderful blend of aromatic spices, sugars, and dried tea. Add 2-3 tablespoons to hot water or steamed milk for a wonderful afternoon or evening of sipping.

House Blend – Our House coffee is a special combination of beans that is both unique and pleasing to the palette. A great morning cup of coffee is in your future with our House blend.

Mexico – Our Mexican beans are an organic high grown variety that is mild and flavorful with sweet, smooth notes of pear and sugar and a clean, nutty finish.

Ethiopia Dark – This single-origin Ethiopian coffee offers a smooth yet surprisingly deep body and crisp acidity. This dark roast coffee is perfect for anyone who loves dark roast with bold flavor.

Costa Rica – These beans are characterized by mild and clean finished taste, chocolaty with milk and/or honey flavor hints with smooth and very bright fruit properties.

Ethiopia – This single-origin Ethiopian coffee offers a smooth yet surprisingly deep body and crisp acidity. Displaying a sweet, floral aroma and flavor notes reminiscent of citrus and grapes, these versatile beans are great for drip coffeemakers, pour over, French press, percolator, and reusable coffee pods. One of our favorites!

Highlander Grogg – We have taken our rich Colombian coffee and added vanilla, butterscotch, and hazelnut to create a rich Highlander Grogg. You will be delighted with its flavor and sweetness in each cup!

Panama – This well-balanced and full bodied coffee is subtly bright with fruit and dark cocoa tones. It is wonderfully smooth, and a definite breakfast choice.

Colombia – This coffee is medium-bodied with a rich taste and citrus-like acidity. The best high-grown Colombian coffee typifies the classic Latin American mild, fruity flavor without being too sweet.

Guatemala – Guatemala “Quetzal” features soft notes of butter, vanilla, apricot and nougat, along with a mild acidity. The fair trade cooperative that produces this fine coffee is located in the department of Huehuetenango, which happens to be home to the rare and beautiful Resplendent Quetzal (Guatemala’s national bird).

French Vanilla – We have taken our crisp Brazilian coffee and infused it with rich French Vanilla flavor. Enjoy this rich flavored coffee by itself or with your favorite milk or cream, and sweetener to enjoy every cup.

Tanzania – Typically with a medium to full body that is intense and creamy, a fine Tanzanian coffee has tasting notes of a sweet, berry-like, fruity flavor and sometimes notes of cedar.

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